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Sin City RPG

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UNDER CONTRUCTION: Right now our rules and overall info page has this "thrown together in five minutes look" because basically it was. It will be fixed very soon.


Welcome to a Sin City RPG that was created by LJ users kitananagasaki and locoloki.


1. In order to join, you have to apply for the character you want.
2. Only one person per character, and once it's taken, that's it unless it eventually goes up for adoption.
3. Orignal characters are allowed but we'd like the real ones to be used first. You don't have to know a lot of background information on them since our story lines probably won't require it.
4. If you feel the need to make an out of character comment anywhere please make sure to point that out with...OOC.
5. For the sake of...this being absolutely zany fun, no characters will be killed off.
6. Journals are in first person and comments are in first person.
7. Don't write your character's thoughts, stories, etc. in the community, write in in the journal.

To get an idea of how we're doing our RPG just look at the journals already created.


Nancy - cowgirl_nancy
Gail - wildwomangail
Miho - deadlylilmiho5 {mod}
Goldie - goldengoods
Wendy - wendynotgoldie {mod}
Becky - becky_whore
Shellie Dawson - hotchldindacity
Dallas -debbiedidntdome
The Customer -
Molly -
Kadie -
Lucille - sc_lucille_
Jennee McNaulty - officermcnaulty

Hartigan -
Marv - wanderinggiant
Dwight - prettyboydwight
Junior/Yellow Bastard - yellow_stink
Jack Rafferty (Jackie Boy) - that_dirty_cop
Kevin -
The Salesman -
Bob - everyman_cop
Manute -
Cardinal Roark - cardinalroark
Senator Roark -
Vinnie - dago_vinnie

Rachel Riker - rachel_forever
Jonathan (Kevin's Brother) - theother_twin
Vivian Elizabeth Masters (a.k.a. Evie) - vivianmasters
Craig Dawson - craig_dawson

*any other characters I forgot that are original characters...let me know.


Character Applying For/Creating:
What You Know/Made Up About Character:
Writing Sample:

Fill this and post it here.

Then if you are accepted by the mods (most likely...yes)...

Simply make an e-mail address and LJ account, and we'll soon enough add you on and let the RPG begin.

AIM screen names are also fun!