Wendy (wendynotgoldie) wrote in sincity_rpg,

I'm on my knees begging you all to forgive me and my biatch of a friend of a MOD!

Okay I have to tell you all I'm really sorry- and right now I'm tryign to get a hold of Miho- she is no where to be found! God! We only graduated on tuesday did she hop a bus for mexico without me!

Okay first off I'm going to try to help out where I can. Becky I think we shoudl just pretend miho is there until miho gets back. I need to be more active sorry about that I'm current on the verge of gettign this really good job, getting a car, adn my driver license- hopefully not in that order.... well not exactly anyways

Things are cooling off a little for me.... also Marv role player you can inculde yoruself with the girls if you want- meanign with Miho, Wendy and Becky- if you want to.

Alright sorry this is so late- this is the entry for posting your OOC updates... thanks you all! mucho loveo
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