Robert "Bob" Lowman. (everyman_cop) wrote in sincity_rpg,
Robert "Bob" Lowman.

OOC Post


You guys know me (and hopefully have accepted me) as that lovable backstabber Bob. I also however (and I feel it prudent to point out as Jackie caught me) am the Mod and creator for the other RPG game.

Why am I telling you this?
Because I am sick and tired of lj drama and/or bullshit. I love Sin City to death and I wanna play in two rpgs. I did it without any malice or honest attention to the situation. I wanted to play the character.

Well that makes sense-okay wait what?

Look, I came in late on the beef you guys had with my game. I really did. My roleplayers and your roleplayers (And I refer to that in the loosest sense of the word) are at odds and that's okay. I mean there's no law that said we had to like each other. AS far as I'm concerned this is all water under the bridge for me. I look foreward to rping with both of you as part of a daily routine.

I mean, What's the point of it all anyway? Everybody's staying away from each other so we can all just get along and have a good time :).

That's been my only goal from the start.
anyway, if you'd like me to leave I understand completely and I'll miss you guys, especially Jackie-Boy and Wendy and All the others who've been so nice in making me feel welcome. If I'm still accepted...well then Hopefully we can put our differences behind us and rise above.

Giving peace a chance and the like.

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