Wendy (wendynotgoldie) wrote in sincity_rpg,

I'm on my knees begging you all to forgive me and my biatch of a friend of a MOD!

Okay I have to tell you all I'm really sorry- and right now I'm tryign to get a hold of Miho- she is no where to be found! God! We only graduated on tuesday did she hop a bus for mexico without me!

Okay first off I'm going to try to help out where I can. Becky I think we shoudl just pretend miho is there until miho gets back. I need to be more active sorry about that I'm current on the verge of gettign this really good job, getting a car, adn my driver license- hopefully not in that order.... well not exactly anyways

Things are cooling off a little for me.... also Marv role player you can inculde yoruself with the girls if you want- meanign with Miho, Wendy and Becky- if you want to.

Alright sorry this is so late- this is the entry for posting your OOC updates... thanks you all! mucho loveo
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Found Jonathan back in his apartment building and followed him outside, and shot his right hand off. Started taking Jonathan back to Roark but Jonathan threw a flash grenade into the front seat causing Jack to veer off the road and Jonathan escaped.
So later when he woke up Jack called Roark (still waiting for that convo to happen) and was picked up by some of his mob friends. Spent the night at the mansion in Sacred Oaks. Rachel called him the next morning and picked him up, and took him back home. They have a drink or two and have sex again, and that's it for him as of now.

Is minding his own business when he gets a phone call from his boss requesting that he and his men keep an eye out for Jonathan who is now running free. Vinnie doesn't like that he has to do this because he resents the deal his boss and Rafferty made, but he goes along with it.
He eventually finds Jonathan at a clinic and poses as a cab driver, and gets Jonathan in the car. He takes him to Evie's and lots of things happen. Vinnie spends the night at Evie's sleeping on the couch.
Now it's the morning and he is in need of getting in touch with his people and updating them on the situation. If Wendy and her crew are lookin' for him at his place they won't have any luck. ;)
Wendy will keep this in mind.. lol kind of fun talking like this.
Evie went home after her run-in with Vinnie at her hotel. She was sleeping when she was awakened by a knock at the door, which proved to be Vinnie with Jonathan in tow, fresh from the hospital. Evie gets Jonathan cleaned up and drugged, tucking him into bed. Vinnie gives her the order of watching Jonathan for a few days, and sticking close to home, which she says she will do.

Morning came and Jonathan offered to make breakfast, Evie went to help, Jonathan demanded she leave the kitchen. She did so in a huff and went to vent to Vinnie, whom she thought was done with his shower and clothed appropriately. Uhhhh .. no! XD Much rambling, blushing and such later, she exits the restroom and goes to the kitchen, expecting to see Jonathan demolishing it. No Jonathan, as he's currently drugged again and sitting on her couch, pants who knows where. :D Much fun!
Becky is with Wendy and Miho, as you know...just waiting to see what's going to happen next! I know, I'm a boring little wuss, but a hot boring little wuss ;)

And yeah, we'll just continue to act like Miho's there until she gets back.
Rachel's had ne too many run ins for her own good, especially with the last incident with Jonathan and being temporarily blind and deaf... well she caleld an old frin and arranged for a 'bodyguard' of sorts. Craig however may be a bit too loopy for the job. She's just had another litte 'get together' with Jack.

Things have been getting a bit busier for me so i'm going to be taking a bit of a break from the scene here. A week at the most I'm still deciding. I've got a bit of an idea of what to do to excuse Rachel from being around for that time. Again it's just a temporary thing. I'll be back once things have calmed down for me.
I died and went to Selma, not Mexico.

Miho is with Becky and Wendy currently inside of Vinnie's house.