Wendy (wendynotgoldie) wrote in sincity_rpg,

OOC- Okay I need to make some stuff happen. Right now everyone seems to be really busy and things in our ring are kind of slow. Which is fine right now because I have some much crap going on and I'm sure you all do too. But I decided to let you all in on what is going on with Wendy and Vinnie-
Currently- none of the other characters know yet, Vinnie has Wendy and he thinks she is Goldie.
I was going to post everyone storyline but instead I will have you post a comment with what your character is currently doing.
If your character is in need of someone to fill out a story post a comment and leave who you'd think would be best for the story. Once a week, maybe every Sunday or Monday I'll leave a post like this, so than everyone can have a quick thing to go to, it'll be like a quick easy update to see what is going on with each character and to see which characters are free and who needs help....

Do you think this is a bad idea? good? okay? do you hate it? Leave a comment and let me know... the ring is about you guys too, just thought this might make it easier....
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